Terms and Conditions

(1) Definitions:

“Institution” or Company”- the company who sold you the policy

“Client(s) – the named policy holder(s)

“Claim(s) – the clients claim(s) against the “company”

“Compensation” – any compensatory deposit or final settlement in respect of this matter

“Representative” – means Amelius Solicitors LLP

“Fee”- the amount which Amelius Solicitors LLP is paid for representing the client in this matter

“Services”- the services provided on behalf of the client

(2) Conduct:

2.1 Having read our terms and condition and returning the Latter of Authority the client agrees to let us act on their behalf and be bound by such terms and conditions.

2.2 By signing and returning the Letter of Authority the client agrees to indemnity the representative against any actions, claims, losses, damages or proceedings (whether personal or business) that may come about from this claim.

2.3 By signing and returning the Letter of Authority the client agrees to answer all questions openly and honestly and to declare any incidence of fraudulent activity or past criminal activity which may have an effect on this claim.  Failure to do so will render this agreement invalid and the client will still be liable for the minimum costs involved.

2.4 By signing and returning this agreement the client instructs the representative to deal directly with the company and to retain any compensation paid out in full and deduct the fee before forwarding on the remainder of the compensation.

2.5 The client agrees the representative has the exclusive right  to deal with the claim, and the representative has the right to issue a minimum administration fee of £250 + VAT to the client should it be made aware another party is involved in the claim.

2.6 Where the issuing company requests a fee to produce duplicate policy documents or administer this claim, the client agrees to pay the company directly.  Amelius Solicitors LLP will pass this on at cost and will not charge a fee for administering this work.

(3) Cancellation and Complaints:

3.1 The client should have a 15 day period, from the date of signing the declaration, in which they cancel this agreement without cost.

3.2 All cancellations must be made in writing to Amelius Solicitors LLP. 460 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 9JW.

3.3 Should the client terminate the contract for any reason or execute their own claim against the company (whether they win compensation or not) outside the 15 day cool-off period, the client shall pay the representative the minimum administrative set-up fee of £250 + VAT.

3.4 If, at any time you are unhappy with our conduct or decisions you must put your concerns in writing to: Amelius Solicitors LLP. 460 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 9JW.

(4) Representation:

We the representative will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure the client receives the maximum compensation from the company.

4.2 The representative will not accept liability for any rejected or unsuccessful claims, or compensation paid out to client.

4.3 The representative reserves the right to use its judgement and decide at any time whether to accept any offer made.

4.4 The representative reserves the right to decide at any time whether the claim shall proceed, or to cancel  any further proceedings should they be in progress.

4.5 We shall communicate any decisions and progress to the client at the earliest opportunity.

4.6 Upon conclusion of a successful claim the representative shall invoice a fee of 12% + VAT from the compensation paid.

4.7 A successful claim is deemed either where compensation is received by the client as a direct payment, payment is returned to their client account or payment is offset against any outstanding loans or debts to the company.

4.8 Where payment is received by Amelius Solicitors LLP we will deduct our fee and make payment to the client as soon as is practical once the entire claim has been settled.

4.9 Where payment is received by the client directly, in their account or offset against any debts or loans, the client will be invoiced by the representative and shall forward the fee due within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

4.10 The representative reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of 5% of outstanding fees on a monthly basis.

(5) Disclaimer:

5.1 The representative shall not be liable to you, the company or any other party with respect to this claim or action taken in respect to this claim.

5.2 The representative shall not be liable for any client loss or costs whether personal / business in connection with this claim.

5.3 You will be liable to the representative and agree to indemnify the representative against all actions, claims, costs, damages, demands, expenses, liabilities, losses and proceedings directly incurs or which are bought against the representative if you have acted fraudulently, been negligent or breached your agreement.  The representative will not be held responsible for any action taken by your financial institution as a result of any claim made on your behalf.

5.4 the client is fully aware they have the opportunity to pursue this claim with the company and contact the Financial Ombudsman direct without charge, but has elected to use Amelius Solicitors LLP as their sole representative.

5.5 The client agrees that their debt or liability incurred by you in respect of this claim will be your sole responsibility.

(6) Data Protection:

6.1 The client will offer all data as required, and to the best of their knowledge this data shall be truthful.

6.2 The representative shall store and use this data for the purposes of this claim and where instructed to do so pass the data on to the company, or any of its representatives.

6.3 The client can at any time contact the representative and request details of how and where the data is stored.

6.4 The representative may offer this data to a Court of Law or Law Enforcement Officer should they be requested to do so.

(7) Governing Law:

7.1 This agreement is subject to the laws and jurisdiction of England and Wales